07 October 2011

Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix (2nd in the Missing trilogy)

Sent is the second book in the "Missing" series of juvenile fiction. I read the first book in May 2011. 
This book takes Jonah and his sister Katherine and two of their friends on a quest into the past, literally, via time travel.

It's a bit of a heavy topic for kids. Goodness, it's a rare book about time travel that doesn't find me arguing against it being possible. I must have outgrown that annoying trait though, or else my love of The Time Traveler's Wife and Back to the Future caused me to just get a grip and go along for the ride!

The premise for this series is that some children were removed from their proper time in the past because of what appeared to be inevitable death; another heavy topic.

The author manages to handle both topics in such a way that it makes for fun reading, action, and a bit of historical context for young readers.

Our sons are reading these books. Matt, age 10, read the first book and insisted I begin it! I love that! So, yes, I am along for the ride! I will probably try to start reading book 3 as soon as I am able. When will that be?
My review of Found (Book 1 in the Missing trilogy) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

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