11 July 2011

For the love of words...

Reading is all about the creative use of words. Words convey messages between people. They allow a person to speak their thoughts or to convey their imagination to people across time and space. They're about the closest thing we have to time travel.

I not only enjoy reading, I also enjoy words in general. I love the creative use of words. I love wordplay. I love words.

Do you have favorite words? I know I do. Sometimes it is simply the sound of a word that garners interest. Often, for me, my love of a word is attached to its ability to convey deep meaning.

Developing a list of those words would be a challenge. I think I will just list my top favorite word.

Comment and tell us your favorite word/s.

serendipity ~ I love the meaning of this word:   the phenomenon of finding agreeable things not sought for...

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