12 August 2011

What did YOU read on your vacation this summer?

1 Did you take a vacation this summer?

2 Did you read while on your vacation?

3 Did you read more or less than you usually do on vacation?

4 What type of vacation did you take?

5 Does the type of vacation you take affect the amount you read?


1 We just finished a family vacation with our five children.

2 We took a family vacation that was focused on relaxing and being with our kids and extended family members. The biggest focus of this trip was to spend time with our kids and also not to feel driven to do anything in particular.

3 I read an average or less than average amount during this vacation since there were a lot of people to interact with and that was a point of the trip.

4 We did several things during this trip.

We toured the campus my husband attended for college; the University of Cincinnati.

We attended a Reds game in 95F heat.

We ate ribs at a popular ribs restaurant on the riverfront in Cinci.

We stayed in a new quaint little cabin in Lake Rudolph Campground in Santa Claus, IN and visited Holiday World and Splashin' Safari four times. (I just couldn't take a book or my NOOK to the parks with us. It wasn't practical.)

We visited with eleven members of my extended family who all live in Indy but came down to join us at the campground for a couple nights. That meant I got to visit with one of my brothers, Duffy, which meant that my love of discussing books, films, and tv shows was nurtured a bit!

Certainly any time we were driving I was likely to be reading as much as I was able. Most nights were finished with me reading at least some. Two glorious nights, maybe three, I was found on the covered deck of our cabin in my comfortable lawn chair/lounge, with a book and my LightWedge reading light.
My Favorite Reading Light

5 The type of vacation I take affects the amount I read. I could have read a lot more if this had been a beach vacation (love those). It was not an extremely active vacation which was nice but the action (them park and waterpark) prevented more reading.

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