13 March 2012

What are you reading?

I haven't read as much as I normally do this year.

It's not the usual excuse of just being too busy, or of having five kids, or...

In late January I determined that I was no longer going to let circumstances control me. My health and the health of one of our children prevented me from working out very much over the last 18 months or so. I had two surgeries and, in fact, had another surgical procedure two weeks ago.

In spite of all of that I decided to redeem the time and take control of as much as I am able. I began a diet and exercise regimen on 25 January 2012. I've not fallen off that wagon once. I've been using MyFitnessPal on our computer and on my iPhone to track my progress. I've found it very encouraging.

With all that exercising I have read a little bit more but only when I go to the gym and workout using the elliptical. If I work out at home it is with a DVD and I can't read until I hit our treadmill as a follow-up but often give in to my baser needs and watch silly old tv shows on Netflix just for the mindlessness of it, as a reward for my hard work.

So, you've not seen the last of me. I am currently reading three books for my own pleasure and am also reading a book with our ten year old son. I am reading countless books with our five year old daughter of course.

Stay tuned in; more to come, this week.

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