17 September 2010

The Wakefield Dynasty by Gilbert Morris

The Sword of Truth (Wakefield Dynasty #1)I've been trying to think of a book or series that I could post about here that would be something new to many people. I think I thought of just the series.

I found the Wakefield Dynasty series at the perfect moment in time in 1995. My husband and I were about to embark on our first trip to Europe; to England to be exact. In truth, I had never read historical ficition but this series drew me in; the genre is now one of my favourites.

The Wakefield Dynasty weaves a fictional tale into historical fact. During the fascinating reign of Henry VII Myles Morgan, the lead character, is a young vassal being raised by his mother. Upon the death of his mother event lead to the revelation that he is the heir to the "Wakefield Dynasty".

Miles is friends with Hannah Kemp whose personal tutor is William Tynedale. Tynedale, fascinating historical icon, was the first to ranslate many portions of the Bible into English; the first English translator of the Bible to to refer directly to the Hebrew and Greek texts. His placment in time allowed for his translations to be produced by printing press. This also placed him in greater danger from those who didn't want the common man to have access to the Bible. Remember that this was a time when owning a personal copy of the Bible could lead to punishment...by death.

This series entertwines fact and fiction, romance and hatred, good and evil, indlugence and deprivation. It held me mesmerized; and this was at a time in my life when I was not an avid reader.

The name Wakefield is found in history. It is the name of a tower at The Tower of London. The name of the tower is said to be derived from either the imprisonment of descendants of the line of York following the Battle of Wakefiled during the War of the Roses, or from William de Wakefield, the Kings Clerk, in 1334.

Even if you do not typically read Christian fiction, if you have an interest in English history, you will still find this series greatly intriguing. If you are interested in Christian history you will be riveted.

(I have read books one through four of this series.)

Book 1 The sword of truth

Book 2 The winds of God

Book 3 The shield of honor

Book 4 The fields of glory

Book 5 The ramparts of heaven

Book 6 The song of princes

Book 7 A gathering of eagles
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