26 July 2011

What will I read on our vacation this summer? Want to help me narrow it down or guess what I'll choose?

Our vacation will be really late this summer; right before school begins in the fall.
The planning is going on right now. It takes a lot to plan vacations but especially so for big families. One can never begin thinking about it too soon.

As I was dressing this evening I stopped in front of my bookshelves to ponder my to-be-read shelf. Surprisingly, it has a smaller selection than usual. That's a good thing; it means I've been working my way through books I already own instead of simply amassing more and more titles to add to my to-be-read shelf. 

I am facing the fact that our vacation will include several days at a waterpark/amusement park. Last summer my brother and I went to the same parks and took four of my five kids and one of our nieces. I remember my brother had one or two perfectly sized books that would fit into the pocket of his shorts. He then had it available to read when he was standing in a long and inevitably boring line. I recall being envious. I love a good pocket-sized book.

I am not expecting to have much idle time...we have five kids and the parks are great fun for everyone. I think I will take some physical books in place of my ereader in case I decide to take a book with me to the park. I am thinking I can leave it in a locker while we are being active. Then I could take the book out and read it when Hubs and I relax by the pool. If I took my NOOK I'd be nervous that it might get out of my hands and be taken by someone. I wouldn't worry that much about it getting wet as I'd cover it in a zippered baggie. Anyway, I'd be crushed if someone stole it from me.

That left me thinking that I should make my selections for vacation reading by perusing my physical to-be-read shelves.

Here are the books I am currently thinking about taking:

A Lotus Grows in the Mud 
by Goldie Hawn

(I love bios/memoirs and funny but classy people.)

All Souls: A Family Story From Southie
by Michael McDonald
(Again, I love memoirs. A friend sent this to me.)

The Unauthorized Guide to Sex and the Church
by Carmen Renee Berry
(Another friend sent me this book. Books and sex (does it get any better?)

The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts
by Tom Farley, Jr and Tanner Colby
(My brother read this and passed it on to me. 
I wasn't the biggest of Farley fans but, again, this is a bio and it's about a funny person.)

Dave Gorman vs. The Rest of the World
Whatever the game~Dave takes on all comers!
by Dave Gorman
(Gorman is goofy and British. I love that (even though I love Danny Wallace's books even more.)

As for ebook selections...I'll still be reading The Book Thief which I am reading for a second time, along with our daughter. I am finishing up a second reading of another title I recommended to my best friend and we are reading it together and discussing it. I also want to purchase a Steve Martin novel soon. Those will keep me busy when I am able to read using my NOOK.

1) I wonder which books will end up making the cut? 
2) I wonder how many books will make the cut?  
3) Will someone sway me to pick a book that I haven't listed?
4) I wonder how much reading I will actually be able to do? 
5) How much time will I spend reading physical books vs. ebooks?
6) Will I finish any one title during the trip?

Only time will tell.

Who will venture to guess?

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