06 March 2011

Are you meeting your reading goals for 2011?

I am often fueled by a compulsion to read as many books as I am able to each year. This year the number of books that I have read so far is decent so far; I've finished 10 books and we are only in the first week of March.

I don't believe I am fueled so much by a goal to read a certain number of books this year as I am by two other things. I have been aware, for a long time, of a feeling that I should attempt to read more classics. I did not, however, set myself a specific goal; only a general one...to read more classics. That doesn't seem a very imposing way to go about it, does it?

My other goal for this year, however, appears to be fueling my first goal! My second goal was to see how greatly I could reduce the amount of money I had been spending on books for myself. This goal has seen me downloading more classic books from www.gutenberg.org for free! Gutenberg.org makes classic literature, which is in the public domain, free for users to download.

I have finished reading ten books so far this year, of which four titles are examples of classic literature! I feel really great about accomplishing so much toward both of my goals so far.

So, take a look at the reading you've done so far this year. Are you reaching your goals? Are there changes you should make that will help you better meet your reading goals? Tell us how you are doing...
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