29 June 2011

Do you read at the pool or the beach?

I read at the pool. I read at the beach.
I love the water and I love reading.

The two do not seem very compatible. At times they certainly aren't.

Previously I decided the risk of the cost of a ruined book was worth the pleasure of combining the two activities. 

Here is one of my favorite photos of my brother doing just that:

Here's what my hubby likes to do at the beach.

...and I can't really argue with that either!

Now that I have an ereader I still want to read when I go to the beach or the pool.

Here is how I handle my ereader so that I don't ruin it when I am near water:

Yes, it's just a gallon-sized Ziplock baggie. That's all that's necessary, right?

Kindle sells a waterproof cover but I think it is even uglier than my simple and inexpensive Ziplock.

Anyway, the point is that there are options available to users of ereaders who want to enjoy reading while near the water.

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