07 July 2011

Have you heard of "Make a Reading Promise"?

Alice Ozma's father promised to read to her for 100 consecutive nights. 
Eventually the number of nights they read together reached 3,218 nights!

Alice wrote a book documenting their reading adventure:
The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Sharedby Alice Ozma
(I hope to read her book at some point!)
The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared

She also has a website:

I try to frequently read to our kids.
We have five.
Life sometimes gets in the way...but sometimes reading is the thing we are most looking forward to so it sometimes happens during the busiest of times and when it really is least convenient.

I can become somewhat compulsive with such quests so I think I am not going to make an unretractable promise to read with/to our kids. I think I'll just keep on keepin' on... I set a good example. I buy them books. I help them find books that will be interesting to them. Right now our three youngest children are reading frequently on their own as well as appreciating it when I read to them. I like that they look forward to the times that we read together.

Our second oldest, our almost fifteen year old daughter, has been taking a summer course in history to claim extra credits for high school. We've just decided we have to pull her from the course though, due to a health problem that will require many physical therapy appointments and doctor visits. It became apparent that she would have to miss more than the allowable two classes or portions of class. This means that her schedule is suddenly more free. She will use her time to begin reading the book she has chosen for her summer reading assignment for school. She is going to read The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak, a favorite of mine. I will try to reread that as she reads it (where will I find the time!)

Our oldest, our sixteen year old son, has a lot of my attention right now!
I am homeschooling him in literature for this summer. I'll be posting about that soon!
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