17 December 2011

A truly awful Christmas book...

I love to focus on positive things. However, there is one Christmas book that I've come across that is just too rotten not to post about.

Santa's Twin by Dean Koontz

This is the tale of two children who attempt to save Santa from his evil twin, Bob.

It's sounding horrible already, isn't it?

It gets worse. This is classified as a children's book. Sure it is an illustrated book of short length, but I don't see it as children's literature.

What's worse is that I love children's books that are written in verse. I came across this book initially because I was searching for adult books written in verse. To add insult to injury the writing in this is extremely poor. The rhymes are offensively immature, in my opinion.

Why bother to post about this? I hope to save my readers from purchasing it and being disappointed. Besides, you just might be inspired to check it out from the library to share in just how bad it is.
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