09 October 2011

How is your reading going for 2011?

This is  my first year since 1998 that I am homeschooling no children. It appears the number of books I am going to finish reading this year is extremely low in comparison to other years though.

Why? New things are pulling me: Netflix streaming is a big one, and Words With Friends, and my iPhone in general. I love watching old tv shows or movies with our kids. I love playing Words With Friends, mostly with one of my brother.

I have found that the 3-3.5 hours it takes each time our daughter has physical therapy for a newly diagnosed neurological disorder (about an hour away from home) is mostly dead time for me. I can't read while driving, can I? I also can't seem to read during the appointments as Gigi, our precious five year old, usually keeps me engaged whether...I want her to or not.

I'm not really complaining. Okay, I am, I guess. My complaint isn't against the things that are taking my time, but, rather, against the fact that I just can't do all those things AND read more; or at least as much as usual.
I haven't found a way to add hours to my days yet. I have thought about ways to squeeze more productive time from my days though (more time for reading). I am considering getting up earlier to see if I can cope with that. When I was a homeschooler I kept a book with me at all times and tried to find value in every minute of my day. Now that I have more time on my hand I feel as if I am not valuing my time as much as I should be.
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