22 December 2011

Skipping Christmas by John Grisham

I very much enjoyed reading Grisham's Skipping Christmas. There is no Christmas "magic" in it aside from the magic that is noticed as the events are played out.

Luther talks Nora into skipping Christmas. He wants to skip all the hassle. He tallies last year's expenses to find that Christmas cost them over $6,000. With their daughter Blair on a Peace Corps assignment and not planning to come home for the holidays he suggest that he and Nora take a cruise and spend the money on themselves. 

Of course there has to be a bit of havoc. As soon as the neighbors hear that the Kranks are not going to be celebrating Christmas they let their dismay be fully understood. And Blair must figure into all of this too , right? She certainly does.

By the end of the book the Kranks find that Christmas is about giving; giving of yourselves. The book and film show an expression of great love in the midst of modern life.

I enjoyed the book. I enjoyed the film. The film adaptation is titled Christmas with the Kranks. 
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