08 April 2011

Did you know you can borrow ebooks from many libraries?

Welcome to the future of reading.

If you have not tried using something besides a traditional book for your pleasure reading maybe it is time.

These days books can be read using so many personal devices. Any device that can display text on a screen may be used as a reading device; this can include: phones with data plans, computers, ereaders, iTouch, tablets.

Did you know the switch is not as expensive as it sounds?

Just yesterday, beneath this post, I alerted my followers to two great deals on NOOK ereaders.

Did you know you can "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY"?
Our library, click here> Plainfield Library, lends two types of ereaders to its users: NOOK and Sony.

If you aren't sure whether an ereader might be a great investment, this is a great way to find out!
Try more than one; find the one that best suits you aesthetically and functionally.

Our library uses this site, click here> MyMediaMall, to allow users to borrow ebooks and audiobooks!
Many libraries offer a similar service. I really didn't expect to borrow books for my ereader. I have always liked to own the books that I read. Once I tried it though I realized it works for me; with the economy being in the state it's in it really makes sense to borrow a book. No muss, no fuss...and, better yet, no fees!

Our system allows users to choose the length of borrowing time; generally 7, 14, or 21 day periods.

Here's the greatest benefit: when your lending period expires the book magically evaporates from your device. If you want to renew the ebook it may be possible to do so, using the website of the lending service. (Some lenders may disallow renewals if there are many people waiting for a title.)

Most services will allow users to place a "hold" on titles that are not currently available due to popularity. Ours will contact the requester by email when the item is available and gives three days to respond to the request before passing it on to the next person on the hold list.

Benefits of ereaders over traditional books:

ability to carry all your ebook titles with you anywhere

convenience (everything is in one package)

adjustable font size and type

cost savings (most ebooks are cheaper than new releases in hardcover)

free books (many sites offer free books, even popular ones, as an incentive to customers, many allow lending of ebooks, and now libraries have joined the fun)

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