02 September 2011

Found (The Missing, Book 1) by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Found is the first book in the "Missing" trilogy, published in 2008. 
Found (The Missing, Book 1)The book opens to 13 year old Jonah who is perplexed about a letter he received in the mail. He soon finds out that a new friend of his, Chip, has received the same letter. This connection leads to Chip discovering that, like Jonah, he was adopted.

Jonah's sister Katherine soon joins the boys in a quest to find out more about the letters they received. This is just the beginning of the excitement as the FBI soon proves to have a hand in the mix. Before you know it time travel is added to the plot!

Our 10 year old asked for this book for Christmas. He read it eagerly and couldn't wait to finish it! He also couldn't wait for me to read it so that we could discuss it! (I love that!) 

I've purchased the second in the series so that the two of us can enjoy reading it at the pool this summer!

I think the book was a good diversion for me as I was reading it while also deep in the depths of A Tale of Two Cities. For adults it certainly isn't heavy although the topics of adoption, and time travel are heavy ones. I think this book was just about perfect for a ten year old boy. (It has our son's stamp of approval, for sure!)

My review of Sent (Book 2 in the Missing trilogy) by Margaret Peterson Haddix
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