10 May 2011

Reading seasonally...

Well, it appears that spring has finally arrived in the mid-western United States. It's been cold and very rainy. I am sitting here with the window open until I decide it's time to sleep.

I find myself wondering if readers of my blog see an increase or decrease in the amount they read depending on the time of year. I think the amount I read remains generally the same througout the year. In the winter we are pretty house-bound here. There isn't much incentive to go out in the freezing temperatures; at least not for me. In the summer, once we settle into a routine, our kids and I tend to go to the pool almost every day. I read during all of the safety breaks and often sit near the sand or even at the edge of the water, with my NOOK double-bagged for water protection!

Yesterday I read of a woman who reads books about the Holicaust every April; it's just something she's done since she was a young girl. I am trying to think of whether the genres I read change with the seasons. I think my reading is more inclined to change if we happen to be able to travel. I try to fin'd books set in the locations of our travel destinations.

Do your reading habits change seasonally? Does the amount you read change?
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