10 May 2011

Reading seasonally...

Well, it appears that spring has finally arrived in the mid-western United States. It's been cold and very rainy. I am sitting here with the window open until I decide it's time to sleep.

I find myself wondering if readers of my blog see an increase or decrease in the amount they read depending on the time of year. I think the amount I read remains generally the same througout the year. In the winter we are pretty house-bound here. There isn't much incentive to go out in the freezing temperatures; at least not for me. In the summer, once we settle into a routine, our kids and I tend to go to the pool almost every day. I read during all of the safety breaks and often sit near the sand or even at the edge of the water, with my NOOK double-bagged for water protection!

Yesterday I read of a woman who reads books about the Holicaust every April; it's just something she's done since she was a young girl. I am trying to think of whether the genres I read change with the seasons. I think my reading is more inclined to change if we happen to be able to travel. I try to fin'd books set in the locations of our travel destinations.

Do your reading habits change seasonally? Does the amount you read change?


  1. I would have to really track that with a spreadsheet to know for sure whether my reading changes seasonally. My reading changes based on my level of peace (read sanity) and comfort. In times of stress, I re-read books that have comforted in the past. When I'm overburdened, it's fluff books and when I'm needing to pick up the pace,life is moving too slow, I read thrillers. It's been like that my whole life.

    Seasonally, I live in the same climate zone as you. For Winter I read 25 books. For Spring it's going to be down closer to 20 (end of school year). Summer will spike and then Fall will drop again because it's the beginning of the school year.

    Good post!

  2. I conduct a lot of reading through books on tape that I listen to while I'm cooking and driving. So, no, for me, probably I read the same amount year round.

  3. Absolutely. I read more in the summer and in December, traditional vacation times. It is just because I have more time. Although, I really read fluffier books in the summer. I read the more meaty, slow books in the winter. Who can read The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy in the sunshine?

  4. Belle, I am not surprised to read what you wrote.

    Susan, a good plan for a busy person! I like to keep my NOOK near me when I am cooking. Hubs doesn't like me to do that so much but I am careful.

    Oh, Heidi, I know what you mean! If only we had a fireplace in this home, as we did in England. There is something about a nice warm fire and a meaty book! I am instantly returned to my reading of The Picture of Dorian Gray and Alice in Wonderland when I think on this! I definitely read fluffier stuff in the summer, pool-side.

    (Sorry it took me a couple days to check in here; we've had a couple of sick kids around here.)


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