23 September 2011

Wuthering Heights ~ a film adaptation

This week I finally took the time to sit down to watch a film adaptation of 
Wuthering Heights
I watched it over the course of two mornings while our give kids were at school. Being alone at home is a new situation for me; this is the first time our five kids are all enrolled in schools and not being homeschooled. So far I've mostly kept myself busy developing my daily cleaning routine, doing weekly shopping, and managing healthcare issues for our family. I've been looking to find a bit of time for things I enjoy doing on my own such as reading and watching films. 

I watched  it on Netflix streaming: Masterpiece Classic Wuthering Heights.

Again, I have to say I was totally enthralled by the story-line. I felt such a great sense that the hatred shown toward Heathcliff directly resulted in his irredeemable need for revenge. I feel that this should speak volumes to us. Can we show love in ways during our daily life that will produce equal but opposite results?

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