11 April 2011

Have you ever borrowed an ebook from your library?

Today's library loans more than just books. The newest and hottest items appear to be ebooks!

Ebooks open up a whole new area of legal questions though.

Previously a library would purchase a certain number of physical books. When a book was borrowed by a patron it was no longer available on the shelf. The way that works with digital material (ebooks) is that the library may only loan out as many copies as they've paid for. Libraries can not make extra copies from an original.

Harper Collins wishes to limit the borrowing of each digital book to 26 times. Personally, I find myself wondering how many readings a good quality physical book can withstand and think that it should be allowed a bit more usage than that and priced accordingly. You can search the internet for "Harper Collins" to find more information on the debate.

The ebook market is exploding right now. That will mean that lawyers round the world will slug this out in the courts. New legislation will have to be made that will suit both publishers/authors and retailers/libraries/readers.

Let the lawyers work on that.

Check out your library's site to see if they have an ebook lending service.

And here is a wonderful comparison of ebooks and physical books by Newsweek:
Books vs E-Books

When did you last visit a library?

10-16April 2011 is National Library Week!
April is Schoool Library Month

This site   click here> @YourLibrary   is hosting a "twaiku"contest. 
What's that? 
It's a Twitter Haiku contest. Tweet your submission now! 

From their site: "Twaiku use the same basic structure of 3 lines with 5-7-5 syllables respectively. Unlike a true haiku, a twaiku can only be 140 characters, or 130 with our #nlwtwaiku tag.

Here is the one I wrote:

book lust I do have
need a new book to fix that
free fix...library

Have you visited your local library lately? 

As a mom of kids who are growing up our use of the library is becoming easier. As the kids age they assume greater responsibility for the things they borrow from the library although I do keep track of the dates that items are due for return. 

Reasons to Use the Library

Savings~ Most public libraries are funded by taxes which we pay whether we use our libraries or not. Why not borrow an item instead of spending money on it?

Internet Searching of Catalog~ These days you can search for items in your library's catalog by means of the internet so that you don't have to visit just to find out if your item is available.

Holds~ Many library websites allow items to be placed on hold via the internet. When the item has been set aside and is ready for you to pick up you will receive notification, usually by e-mail.

Inter-Library Loans~ If your library doesn't own the item you are looking for, it may have a policy for borrowing that item from another library they have a relationship with (at no, or little, cost to you).

More than just books~ These days libraries loan more than just books: CDs, DVDs, ereaders (so that patrons can "try before buying"), ebooks. Most also have banks of computers for patrons to surf the internet.

Increased Lending Periods~ Many libraries are lengthening the lending periods of their items. Having longer lending periods means users may not need to renew a loan. It also means that libraries should have more room for inventory since more things should be out on loan for longer periods. It might mean fewer fines for users too.
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