08 March 2011

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

I was amazed by this book when I read it.

How could the author have been had the insight to be able to write it? Wow.

The Book Thief

Death is the narrator. But not in a creepy way. This 'Death' has as much compassion as he is able to have
as he collects the souls of the departed; and boy, was he busy during WWII. What a shame.

If I had known what would happen in this book I'd have probably not read it. Gee, how can a war book NOT include lots of death... Well, it did...the funny thing is that each time "Death" warned me of it with just enough of a lead-in so that I could absorb the fact and accept it and then the story progressed through the death and I could cope with it!

This was a lovely way to write a very touching book about the plausible (historic fiction) life of some very strong and unfortunate people.

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