05 September 2011

The Messenger by Marcus Zusak

Review by high school junior, Aaron Avers, son of Angie

I am at a loss for words to describe the brilliance of this book!

The plot was exciting, heart-warming, funny, and the book keeps you in constant suspense throughout.

Ed, the main character, is funny and easy to relate to. He's a nineteen year old no-life cab driver, who lives for the nights he plays cards with his friends, and is hopelessly in love with his closest friend, Audrey. He has done nothing for his life, and is content in leaving it that way, until one day, he stops a bank robbery.

Forthright and down-to-earth, Ed is a likable character although an unlikely hero. I really enjoyed Ed's friendly, easy-to-talk-to, self-aware voice as well as his detailed descriptions of the character strengths and flaws of his close friends.

The best things about the book were some of the touching scenes and encounters with the people who Ed delivers messages to, and that he forms special friendships with them.
I Am the MessengerThere were also some pretty dark moments, particularly at the beginning of the book, which seemed designed to make the reader think about what they might do if they were in the same situation.

I thought it was a really enjoyable and original book!

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