06 May 2011

Now I remember reading it!

If you've been following my site you are aware that while I read many books at once I generally focus most of my time on one or two selections so that I manage to actually finish a book once in a while! I also try to be reading at least one classic.

Our high school-aged daughter has just begun reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens for her honors English literature class. That was just the motivation I needed to begin reading it again. I started reading it while we were living in England but didn't read it frequently enough and just couldn't get into it. I just began reading it two days ago and I'm really enjoying it.

I must have reached a critical place in my reading today, a new character was recently introduced and upon that introduction I began to recall having read it previously. A friend whom I went to school with listed it when the two of us once tried to recall all the books we'd been assigned in school. I honestly didn't recall reading it until now. I also haven't recalled any particulars of the lesser plot-lines so far so while I am aware that I've read it the measure of reading it hasn't been spoiled. I do know a bit about Dickens and wondered how I came about that knowledge. Now I realize we discussed him in middle school as we discussed this title.

I'm glad I decided to (re)read it.

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