01 October 2010

My favorite book light: LightWedge

I bought my LightWedge (paperback version) a few years ago. I love it. I do not travel without it. I use it daily.

The LightWedge provides ample light for reading but the light is directed across your page and does not distract theo ther people around you such as the driver of the vehicle you are in, or the person you may be sharing your bed with!

As I said, my LightWedge is a few years old. I think I probably bought it around 2005... It has a few minor scratches on it, nothing deep. I have never found a good "screen protector" for it. If I could find one that was the correct size and was not too expensive I would consider buying it for a new LightWedge. As it is, the age and condition of my current LightWedge are such that I would not bother; it's fine and serves its purpose.

That said, one of our sons has been wanting a LightWedge paperback version for a long time. Not long after I bought mine I bought LightWedge Minis for each of our five children, my husband, my dad, and my mother-in-law. I bought a knock-off of the LightWedge last year to give to our son. Within minutes it was obvious that its construction was very bad. I called to ask for my money to be returned and we threw it in the trash! I am just about to place an order for the REAL LightWedge as a Christmas gift for our son. Actually, I will probably give him mine and I will probably take the new one. : )

The wonderful thing is that I am still able to use it with my ereader. I just hold it in front of it or even near it, just as I would with a regular book. I do not think I would like the larger version and have no need for more light than the paperback version provides.

If you do not have a booklight that you really like I urge you to try one!


  1. You are welcome! The best deal I've found is through Amazon and my site links you to it if you click on the picture of the LightWedge, and then if you make a purchase a very small portion of that is returned to me!

    I meant to show you my LightWedge while you were here but I don't recall doing so...

  2. This sounds good. I have a clip on book light that is okay, but not great.

  3. Oh, Nota, I love this light. I had never found a good one until I found this one. Trust me on this one. I wanted to come back to post the fact that it operates on 4AAA batteries. And the seem to last forever; and that coming from a person who reads all the time, especially at night.

    This is a gem and I can't believe that at Amazon you can get it for under $20. It would be great for a gift exchange even at that price!

    Click on my link above to look at it at Amazon.


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