06 October 2011

Have you had any problems with your eReader? (And I'm a good mom.)

I was awoken in the middle of the night.
I'm a good mom. I didn't swat at what I perceived to be the cat in my face.
It was our five year old.

Once I had her settled in her sleeping bag next to our bed I tried so hard to get back to sleep. Realizing that I couldn't, I grabbed my NOOK and LightWedge and headed to the family room couch to get caught up on some reading.

My NOOK wouldn't start up. I tried everything. I plugged it in and retried it. I held the button down for 20 seconds. I removed the battery and replaced it. I plugged it back in and played around on this website for a while instead: 
I'm happy to share that link with you because, so far, there are no photos of me there...
(I won't tell you how long I looked at the photos and comments on that site.)

Anyway, upon waking this morning I turned my NOOK on and it is working just fine. While I hated to lose some nice, quiet reading time, I am rather glad that this morning did not find me asking for a replacement under my extended warranty. I'm happy that it came to its senses and is working again! Off to do a little reading...
It's afternoon now. When I turned my NOOK on again it wouldn't open the book that I wanted to begin reading but had previously downloaded from B&N.

I visited our local store. The agent phoned online assistance. That particular book just wouldn't open. It supposedly had nothing to do with my problems during the night. A report was filed for the book to be fixed. In the meantime I needed to find a different copy to read. That copy was a free copy. I ended up spending $1.50 to buy it, along with a companion book. 

I hope that's the end of my eReader difficulty for a while. I need to spend some time reading.


  1. I so covet your ereader, but I do hope it is okay from here on out.

  2. Chloe, thanks for dropping in. From what I know of you, I am pretty sure it won't be long before you have your own eReader.

    This weekend it became apparent to me that my NOOK was stuck on a single photo whenever it would go to sleep. Last night I could finally take that no longer and did a hard shutdown and quickly turned it back on. It began properly cycling through the photos I had loaded onto it. I am happy again. I have at least one photo of every member of our nuclear and extended family. I'm used to seeing a different memory every time I pick up my NOOK!


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