21 August 2011

The Invention of Everything Else by Samantha Hunt

I once asked my husband who his favorite inventor was. He began telling me some incredible things about Nicola Tesla that I didn't know. I decided to see what I could learn about him on my own.

I began with this juvenile biography selection:

Nikola Tesla And The Taming Of Electricity

It was fascinating! Tesla must have been an incredible person. I came away from this book thinking he was just a scream. What an inventive spirit. He was world's ahead of his time. If he were suddenly brought back to life I can't imagine what he'd come up with, given today's advances in technology.

Later, my brother, Duffy, and I came across this adult selection while I was living in England:

The Invention of Everything Else. Samantha Hunt

This is a fictional story about Nicola Tesla. This book fictionalized a story around him, involving a bit of time-travel even. I really enjoyed the middle of the book...the end was a little disapointing but not enough for me not to rate this book favorably. I felt the author could have developed the climax and ending a bit more but she did a wonderful job of creating a story around this amazing man.

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