28 May 2011

The long weekend...

So, it's Memorial Day here in the US; a time to recall to memory those who have served for our freedoms. 

I don't have any thematically-related reading to do but I did recently finish reading The Postmistress by Sarah Blake. I am considering reading this at some point and might just begin it this weekend if I can get to that point: 
Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory 
by Ben Macintyre

Aside from that I need to work on finishing reading A Tale of Two Cities. I am only 1/3 of the way through so far but like it okay. I now recall having read it in middle school. It's funny that I managed to forget some of the titles we read but recall others... I didn't like reading anything back then. I wonder why some books stuck in my memory and others didn't...

I read a sample download of a book from B&N yesterday but it costs $12.99 to purchase. I haven't bought any books so far this year and am reluctant to break that trend. With my record so far it really stands out to me how much $12.99 is for one book. I think I will wait and request it from our library. They will purchase two books a month for each person making requests!

What are your reading plans this weekend?


  1. I am just trying to keep my husband on drugs. Percoset is our friend, because bypass surgery is...uh....slightly painful.

  2. Mine is to live cheap. It's a 3 weekend payday and that means a stretch. Why does that always happen on a holiday?!? Also, plenty of homework to keep me busy. Hopefully, a good long walk with my husband too. I'm reading a psycho thriller with my online book club. Not my favorite genre but I'm trying to be a good sport

  3. My plan is to continue reading Laura Hildebrand's *Unbroken*. I'm about 100 pages in and it's excellent.

    I didn't read much while on our RV trip, so I have some making up to do!

  4. Oh, Susan, I hear you! I'm glad they found his need for surgery and were able to make the necessary repairs for him!! Were you able to sit with him and do some reading out there in the Boonies today?

  5. Belle, how do you do it? School and reading a book that your heart isn't into! You always amaze me!

  6. G5, an RV trip sounds fabulous! Where did you go? For how long? Were you driver or navigator or both? It's funny that sometimes when I expect to read a lot it ends up being the opposite! Today I had hoped to read a bit and haven't even turned a page... Shopping for summer needs consumed my day bit it was a nice day anyway. Maybe I can read some tonight and maybe a LOT tomorrow! (One can hope!)

  7. We went everywhere. 8600 miles, 8 weeks and 27 states. I read one book. :)


  8. I have never read Tale Of Two Cities either!

  9. Thea, that sounds wonderful! I can't believe you only fit in the reading of one book! I bet you took more than one with you! I hope that means that the trip was just so great that you had no time to read.

    Sheila, I actually read AToTC in middle school but completely forgot having done so. A friend reminded me that we had read it. Now that I am actively reading it I can recall having read portions before. I am finding it interesting but it is taking a lot of time to read.


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