25 May 2011

I went to Barnes and Noble today.

I went to Barnes and Noble today.

I had our youngest daughter with us. Somehow we managed to leave the store without spending any money and she wasn't even aware that I just ordered two Beatrix Potter books through Paperbackswap for her today.

I happened to be out doing some errands...I saw the B&N and figured I might as well drop in.
Of course I was hoping the new eink NOOK was in the store so that I could compare it to mine...
It wasn't.

The new model will be in stores as of 10 June.

As I continue to look at the specs for it, even without seeing an actual example, I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend it. If you want a dedicated reader and you don't plan to use it for internet surffing or gaming, then I really think it will prove to be a nice model. The improved eink Pearl Technology will proide an even crisper format for reading. Reading outdoors will be as simple as reading from a book while outdoors.


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