16 May 2011

Hmmmm...some rumors of a new generation for NOOK Color!

Wow I was just predicting we'd see something like this by Christmas of 2011.
I went to look for any news and found two sites offering the idea as a rumor.
It's not solid information but it does look promising!





Looks as if we won't have any real news until 24 May.  

The announcement:


  1. The date listed in the last article sounds like a solid thing, more than a rumor.

  2. Well, yes and no. There is definitely something in the works since they filed SEC paperwork. The rumor is just all the speculation that is created by such as this.

    I hate to get everyone all excited since there isn't any way to really know what it will be.
    But, excited I am.

    I am hoping they are going to sell a rooted version of the NOOK Color and keep the price well below $300. If they do that I think it would be a very smart move for them.

    Are there any features you would like to see?

    One thing I know for sure; I'll not purchase another ereader until I find out what this is about.

  3. I barely know how to use my NOOK color now....LOL

  4. Sheila, I realize you may be joking but do you have particular questions you'd like to pose? I'd be glad to try to help you even though I only have a NOOK original so far...


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