07 March 2011

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Wow! I used to hate anything related to time travel as I got way too confused trying to make it all make sense! I only became a little confused in one part of this book and a friend straightened me out! This story is phenomenal and really has you thinking "What if...".

The Time Traveler's Wife 

The essence of this book is that Henry DeTamble has a rare genetic disorder which is ultimately named Chron-Displacement. Henry jumps through time to places he has or will have been, in time. Clare Abshire is destined to meet, and fall in love with, Henry.

Can you imagine being married to a man who  is there one moment, and quite literally, gone the next? Miss Niffenegger will make you imagine it and she'll have you practically believing it by the end of the book. Her vivid imagery pulled me in. I finished reading the book in November 2004. In August 2005 I listened to it on audio cd. I also convinced my husband to listen to it. I convinced my best friend to read it. Both of my brothers read it on my recommendation. I told everyone about the book. I even REread the book, which is a big deal for me. I missed recording the date that I reread it but it was while we were living in England and before the film version was released so it was in 2008 or 2009.

The book looks at all aspects of life, therefore there are a few scenes that depict sexual activity. Some are pretty integral to the story. There was one scene and the particularly heavy use of one word in particular that my brother, Scott, and I both felt could have been left out without any detriment to the story. Overall, I feel it is worth it to either press on and read those portions of the book or to try to ignore them and skip over them if you feel you can't read such things. The book is definitely not okay for children to read. I would allow our teens to read it but I do think that parents should make that decision themselves.

I have, since, seen the movie that was adapted from the book. I know that most book lovers do not like movie adaptations. This was a tough book to pack into a film. I have to say, though, that the producers did a wonderful job. Much of the film ended up being very much the way I envisioned it. Our kids very much enjoyed the movie too, especially our ten year old son.

The Time Traveler's Wife [Blu-ray]
As a book lover I love the fact that Henry works for the Newberry Library in Chicago. I want to tour it! Here is some information on the library:  http://www.newberry.org/collections/timetravelers.html  

Believe it or not, I know I will read this book again.
And I will watch the film with my hubby soon too; he hasn't seen it yet.

Henry and Clare...


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    Maybe you already are. Have a good day. I will check out that web site you told me about.

  2. I'm not a romance book reader at all, but I LOVE this book. Glad you enjoyed it!


  3. Angie
    Is it free to join the www.librarything.com site. I checked it out it looks cool. Can you add as many books on it as you want for free too?

  4. Erin, this information should help:

    You can join for free and
    "Enter 200 books for free, as many as you like for $10 (year) or $25 (life)." There is actually a sliding scale that allows you to pay what you wish, as low as $19 for the lifetime membership, I believe.

    In my opinion, it is worth the $25. I bought my membership right away at that price. I also signed my MILaw up for a free membership thinking it would take her a while to catalog 200 books. I bought one of my brothers a lifetime membership too.

    If you want to find me there I am "TogetherForGood". I am glad to be of help if you have any other questions. I love the site.

  5. I loved this book! The book is much better than the movie, but the movie is good too! What a wonderful, complex, and lovable story :-)

  6. Angie
    I joined the site you can find me on there I am ErinLonsford.

  7. Angie
    I friend request you on thelibrarything.com. Anyway when you add books is there anyway you can own them. I notice there is a read but unowned. How do you add tags to your profile?

  8. I read this book when it first came out. My daughter had brought it to the beach with her and when I picked it up was immediately entrenched in it. My DIL also read it that week. In fact, at one time all three of us was reading it at the same time. Anytime one of us laid it down, the other other one grabbed it. I recently saw the movie and though it was fairly well done, no movie I've seen is netter than the book except for "Cold Mountain". I really need to see if I can run down a copy and reread it.

  9. Lisa, a book that can't be set down without someone else picking up is just the book to have around!


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