07 March 2011

One Day by David Nicholls

The premise of this book is to follow one couple, looking at a particular day of the year for them, every year for 20 years. Touted as the 'best weird love story since The Time Traveler's Wife' by a reviewer, I would heartily agree. It holds the same special place for me somehow. 

Dex and Em, Em and Dex. 

One Day (Vintage Contemporaries Original) 

They belonged together. 

Heartbreaking, really. But so true to life. Read it.

The book begins on July 15, 1988. Some descriptions of the day are simple and short while in other years the day is practially momentous. 

Em is sweet and funny and full of wit. Dexter, ah, Dexter. He is charming and witty and gorgeous and rather full of himself. Around Em, though, he is sometimes able to pull his act together. She is certainly a motivator for him at times. As a reader you find yourself pulling for the two of them as a couple. The story was completely enveloping for me. I found myself absolutely wrapped up in the story line of "The Time Traveler's Wife" and found the same to be true for "One Day".

I have to warn you that I hated the very ending of the story but the author/editor was a genius and didn't really end the book there. He ventured back in time to the earlier parts of the book and brought us deeper into the earlier happenings. That redeemed it for me. My brother, Duffy, told me to expect to hate it because of the 'ending'. I am so glad I ended up loving it.

I Loved this book.


My casting call... 
(This is where I list the people I envisioned as the characters in the book as I read it.)

I pictured Em as a dear friend of mine from England. She has dark, shoulder length hair and the slender body of a dancer.

I pictured Dex as Kurt Russell.


For news of the expected release of the film, 
click here> One Day to be released as a FILM


  1. I see we have similar tastes. I need to pick this one up. :)


  2. Thea, I loved it so much a bought a second copy to give to a friend but first mailed it around to a few friends from SL. When it was returned me I was able to give it to my best friend who had too many books on her to-be-read list to have read it before that anyway. Hey, I am going to have to find out if she's read it!! I loved ONE DAY.


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