18 March 2012

Shopgirl by Steve Martin

Steve Martin is a favorite of mine. He can make me laugh any day. Let him show up in one of my dreams and well, that'll make my day. In fact, he made a guest appearance in one of my dreams just the other day. I crack myself up that way.

Anyway, this IS that Steve Martin: comedian, actor, banjo-player-extraordinaire. This novella isn't a laugh a minute. It's a thoughtful foray into the mind of 28 year old Mirabelle who works the glove counter at Neiman's in California.

Her story is that of her meeting Jeremy who is childish and selfish and hasn't a clue about women...and also meeting Ray Porter who is a self-possessed businessman whose only selfishness is his bachelorhood and the fact that he chooses to keep Mirabelle just outside the boundaries of his heart. 

There is also a film by the same title. I am eager to view it. I have to say that part of what I found so very enjoyable about this book is the fact that I could hear Martin's voice telling me the story. Music to my ears; I find his voice dreamy.

This would be the perfect beach book, in my opinion. Too bad I wasn't on a beach this past month!


  1. You know it--where's the beach! I just watched Father of the Bride last week. Steve Martin is great in that movie.

  2. Heidi, have you read this title? I want to read more books by him.


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