31 December 2011

How many books did you read in 2011?

I have had a weak year of reading if you look at the number of books I read in 2011.

2011~ 44
2010~ 85
2009~ 88

It's been a crazy year. I started out pretty strong with my reading. I was only homeschooling our youngest child as 2011 began. Other years I've been homeschooling as many as all five of our kids. Summer hit and with it the need to pick our son up from college classes daily, and to take our daughter to and from a high school summer course. It meant lots of time at the pool too and I read most of the time at the pool. We also had a lot of appointments for health care for our 15 year old daughter. Fall brought more of that. She also began having school at home due to her illness. Life got pretty crazy. I had to be diligent in managing my schedule; especially with a kindergartner coming home in the middle of each day.

Still, it's more than three books a month and that isn't so bad...

Do you track your reading? How? I use www.librarything.com. I can be found there with the username BoundTogetherForGood. I've been using LibraryThing since the spring of 2003 . Recording my reading allows me to refer back to my records and be able to see: when I read a book, to whom I read it, etc. It helps me to give better reading recommendations too.

How many books did you read this year?


  1. I read 83. I usually shoot for 100, but I think I am giving that up. I read aloud alot with my four sons, and I count those chapter books. A benefit to homeschooling - unashamed to read kids' books!

  2. I hear you, Paula. I try not to focus on a number too much. Reaching a certain number of books is not the point of my reading. It does, however, make me feel good when that number is high (as long as I haven't allowed my reading to get in the way of other important parts of life.)

    I feel that my reading should enhance my life.

    I also included many of our previous homeschooling books in my counts. If I read them, why shouldn't they count. I still read a lot of juvenile ficiton. I was not a reader as a child so I am making up for what I missed in the only way that I can.


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