11 November 2011

NOOK Tablet release date

I've been wondering when the actual release date for the NOOK Tablet would be. I stopped into B&N the other day and was told that it was in a matter of days and not weeks as I had expected. In fact, it is a week from today.

"The Nook Tablet release date is November 17th, two days after the launch of the Kindle Fire."

Our local store is already taking pre-order reservations. I wonder if I should get in on some of that action. I am expecting that the only Black Friday doorbusters for eReaders will be on older models of eReaders and not on these new, nicely-priced tablet/readers being released by Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Our two youngest boys both believe this is the product that will best fit them. I agree.


Edited to add: 
NOOK Tablet announced, comparisons, specs


  1. How much is it going to cost?

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  3. Only $249.

    See here for specs and comparisons:

    (I added that link at the bottom of the post above where you can just click on the link and it will open for you.)

    I love that B&N and Netflix have partnered for this product!


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