21 November 2011

I made up my mind about eReaders for our kids for Christmas.

My two little guys don't tune into my blog so I'm safe to say that when I visited Barnes and Noble on the 17th to check out the NOOK Tablet I decided it was the right fit for both of them.

Our boys are turning 10 and 11 in the next few weeks. Both really enjoy reading. 

I chose the NOOK Tablet and not the Kindle Fire because:
I have already purchased B&N ebooks.
I love Netflix.
I like Barnes & Noble's business philosophy.

I think the Kindle Fire would be a completely acceptable alternative and it can be had for $50 less. Amazon is a great company; we do a lot of business with them since we have five kids. I could also stream movies for free as part of the pre-paid shipping package (Prime) membership that we purchased. Amazon treats the Kindle products as more of a vending machine of sorts than it appears B&N does.

For one son I purchased this: Tasume in Carbon.
It's a cover and a stand, all in one. The red Tasume looks a bit feminine; that wouldn't do. The white, I think, would become incredibly dirty. I went with carbon.

For the other I purchased this: Travel Stand for NOOK Color or NOOK Tablet.
I purchased this cover for him: Franklin Sleeve.
The Franklin Sleeve is attractive Italian synthetic leather with a nylon interior. The corner tab can be secured through the device's corner slot to prevent the cover from coming off when being transported.

Of course they'll be able to trade if they wish, as the NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet are the same dimensions. 

I purchased anti-glare screen protectors for both, to prevent screen scratches.

I know they are going to be so excited about receiving these!


  1. Yeah! They are so going to love it! Our 2 college kids are thinking about whether they want one.

    I went to B& N the other day to check it out. Totally wicked. I like the Kindle Fire too. I'm not sure I need one right now because I have a smart phone, a Kindle 2, and a Nook simple touch. (Although, I could justify it if I really wanted to. :) )

  2. This was extremely helpful. I wanted a Nook last year but the budget freaked out on us. Hopefully this year I may get one for my birthday.

  3. Robin, I'm glad you benefited from my post. I hope you get a NOOK! I love mine!


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