15 November 2011

Are you shopping for an eReader this Christmas season?

I just came across a great article that compares the differences between the two new tablets on the market that will appeal to people who want something to use as an eReader.

Specs Appeal: NOOK Tablet vs. Kindle Fire

If you are stuck trying to make your decision between the above two models, the article should help.

If you are looking for something more basic, consider the NOOK Simple Touch or the Kindle Touch.

New eBook Reader Reviews

When it comes to the "Touch" eReaders I think the biggest draw is going to be whether the purchaser has already purchased a significant amount of content from Barnes and Noble or from Amazon. If neither, then I think it is probably a draw between those two. 

There is one thing that I think might draw me to Amazon/Kindle if I were new to the eReader scene... 

ZDNet explanation of Kindle library borrowing
  • If a book is purchased, its notes and bookmarks will be preserved.
  • Amazon’s Whispersync will enable margin notes and highlights on library books. These notes disappear when another person checks out a book. If you check the book out again your notes reappear.   "
I can't say how eager I am for Barnes and Noble to follow suit with regard to the preservation of notes. I take a lot of notes.

Visiting a store and getting your hands on a demo model, or better yet, borrowing one from a friend, will really give you an idea of the feel and functionality of a particular eReader. It's still the best way to make a decision before purchasing. 

Remember, some libraries loan eReaders to their patrons to allow them to get a real feel about eReaders before making a purchase. Our local library allows patrons to checkout: Sony Reader PRS-350 Pocket Edition or B&N NOOK. 

Plainfield IL Library eReader info


  1. You blog?? Saw it on Facebook. We are getting an ereader for my daughter for Christmas. These will be great articles to read. My library is also having a session on them with samples to play with and what the library offers. I"m going to go to that too.

  2. Hi, Kristal, glad to have you joining us here!
    I just checked in at your blog:


    I think that attending the eReader night at your library will be good for you and your daughter. Your children are adorable! How old is your daughter who is shopping for an eReader? I'd love to hear which eReader she chooses for her Christmas present. Check back in and tell us, okay?


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