29 September 2011

Amazon announces a new color Kindle!

Ok, so I love my NOOK by Barnes and Noble. But I think I really am sold on the functionality of eReaders in general.

Today I saw that Amazon announced the ability to pre-order their new color eReader. The amazing thing is that they've undercut B&N quite solidly at a price of only $199.99.

It's time for me to begin further research, readers. Our 10 year old son has been saving his money all year for the purchase of a NOOK Color. I knew that when the time arrived I would have to learn more about the differences and prices of color eReaders compared to tablets.

Only time will tell what we'll end up purchasing for our son. With the fact that I am guessing it will stream free video as a part of our Amazon Prime membership, I am really, very intrigued. I do believe this Christmas season holds lots of intrigue regarding eReaders and tablets. It's going to be a banner year for sales, in my opinion. I can't wait to see what other products will be unveiled and what price wars may ensue. A recession hand-in-hand with a boon of technological changes could produce a lot of fun for some of us.

I've almost decided that I want to "trade up" to the latest model NOOK. I visited our local
B&N store this week to compare the new model to my NOOK original. I really like the functionality of the new, completely touch-sensitive screen and the quicker method of highlights and notes without needing to also bookmark a page. The highlights and notes are labeled by more than the page number also, which will make them easier to maneuver.

A Google List of sites posting news of Amazon's Kindle Fire eReader

This site will answer a lot of Kindle Fire FAQs. (It won't read NOOKbooks or other epub ebooks.)

PCMag Comparison guide for Fire vs iPad2 vs NOOKColor

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