28 July 2011

Children and classics

I suppose we've all been exposed to classic fairy tales, mythology, and legends about national heroes. Have you exposed any of your children, at a young age, to stories that are considered to be classic literature?

Just this week I finished reading a children's edition of Little Women to our five year old daughter. We began reading it a long time ago. I have two other books I am actively reading to her. It wasn't an original edition but it was still a rather lengthy chapter book to read to a five year old. She loved it. Our copy is now worn from love and travel.

We finished reading it while sharing a snack at a McDonald's as our older daughter was having braces put on her teeth. When we finished the book I asked Gigi if she still loved it. Her reply, "Of course. It's about women ...and the women are little!" I'm so glad she asked me to read it to her.
Little Women (Great Illustrated Classics)

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