13 June 2011

Saving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan

I really wasn't sure about reading this book but I enjoyed it!

Here is the book blurb:

"Bibi Chen is dead.
And she wants to tell you a story.

Busineswoman, patron of the arts and socialite Bibi Chen has been killed in mysterious circumstances. Her death may or may not be linked to the disappearance of eleven American tourists in southern Burma. They are "Following Buddha's Footprints" along the Burma Road, on an expedition dreamt up by Bibi. But when her body is found just days before the departure date, they go without her. Robbed of their guide, it isn't long before the travellers stumble into difficulty with wary tribes and the military junta.
Saving Fish from Drowning

Seduced by notions of Shangri-La, and oblivious to the cautionary cries from the watchful presence of Bibi, they continue on their ill-fated journey, becoming ever more lost in the heart of the Burma jungle ~ where a desperate tribe await their saviour...


Since the book is about 13 people the author had to take the time to intruduce the characters to the reader and that took a while. I didn't have too much trouble remembering the traits of each character though, they were each different enough. As I read this book I experienced the same thoughts the author is investigating in her writing: all actions, even the best, have side effects which weren't intended and are undesired. Is it ever possible to truly choose the best option?

Amy Tan is also the author of The Joy Luck Club which I have not yet read.

I love seeing the differences between American and British versions of books.
My particular book happens to be a British version as I bought it while we were living there. I prefer its cover...but then again it's MINE and I do believe that affects our affinity to our books.

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