23 June 2011

I've finished reading two books this week!

I must finally be hitting my summer groove.


My summer schedule is such a wreck. I've resorted to setting daily alarms to prevent myself from forgetting to pick up children who are relying on me!

We've one in high school summer school killing a year's with of American history in 30+ school days and one taking a three week college course in Russian for free. (Score!)

The baseball season for one just ended, as did soccer for another. Our oldest child is on a summer high school travel soccer team (local only, but our first travel team). Baby girl is taking free swim lessons (she needed them) that we received as a bonus for joining our gym. Hubby is playing on a golf league.

The weather's been cool or rainy so I've not been reading at the pool as much and our schedule isn't allowing as much pool time anyway. I'm reading at the gym and at soccer games and, of course, after everyone's fallen asleep!

My schedule will be in this groove for two more weeks. I'm hoping I will continue to see that I am finding more time for reading. As a bonus, one of the books I finally completed reading was A Tale of Two Cities! My review will be posted as soon as I have time to look up and reflect on all the notes I made as I read.


  1. You are just such a lovely example of motherhood. I always smile when I think of you running here and there to pick them all up and start again the next day. Thanks for a little picture of your life. I enjoy that!

  2. Oh Belle, what a sweet thing to say.

    I haven't revealed a lot of my private life here but feel that I should at times as a way to show others I am not just sitting at home, master of my own time, books at hand. My reading takes effort and I put forth that effort because I enjoy it and it helps me continue to grow.

    I love our kids. I want them to have happy, well-adjusted social lives. We do try to restrict them to one activity at a time due to cost as well as the ability to function well as individuals and as a family. Balance is what is needed and what we are shooting for.

    You are always a blessing to me.

  3. Great conversation! I'm in a slug mood--I just want to sit around and read and do nothing. Two of my dc just came back from a week at 4H State congress and one is at a friend's house all week. But, I really should be getting my ds's transcript finished. Grading anyone? I think I'll stick to the reading. ;)

  4. Can't wait to read your review!

  5. Heidi, I feel your pain. Did you have a week with no kids or did the trips not overlap?


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