27 June 2011

I'm tough on traditional books these days.

Recently a friend sent me a few books to read.

(Love that!)

It has been about a year now that I've been mostly reading via my NOOK ereader.

I am very careful with my NOOK. I have never spilled anything on it. It's never been damaged.

I practically ruined the book my friend sent me...

Somehow I managed to get the top edge of the pages wet while reading it at the pool. That doesn't even make sense; it should be the bottom edges that are more likely to become damaged by water. I spilled some food on it while eating (gross). The binding is coming apart; it's literally falling apart.

I'm always thankful for book but my ereader serves me quite well; I'm glad I have it.

I'm also glad I bought the two-year warranty for it because it's obvious that I am not as careful as I'd like to think I am.

Of course I will do what I am able to repair and save the book. I enjoyed the book very much and will keep it on my shelves for someone else to read and enjoy too!


  1. I almost bought this book about 5 minutes ago at the book store! I hear its a good one.

  2. Ang: How do you keep your e-reader safe at the beach or pool when you're away from your chair? Do you feel a need to keep it with you or do you always have someone sitting at your spot? I know this seems like a strange question but I've always wondered if e-readers are steal worthy but I don't want to find out the hard way.

  3. I wonder about that too. Actually, I figure it's technology so it's steal-worthy... Anyone without a moral compass could easily reset it to factory settings and sell it on eBay.

    I usually keep mine with me. If I want to step away from it I leave one of our kids watching it.

    The ages of our kids means that I can usually just position myself where I can keep an eye on them but spend my time relaxing.

  4. As careful as I am with my ereader I think my iPod was recently nicked. Can't fin'd it anywhere. Bummer, that.


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