08 June 2011

Have you wondered about reading books using a "smart phone"?

I bought an iPhone 4 about six weeks ago.

My second phone in about 15 months was about ready to die, as the previous one had.
I decided I needed a more reliable phone.

I mostly need a phone to be a phone; a way to be contacted reliably.
We have five children. That's enough reason, huh?

Of course as soon as I had my phone I downloaded all kinds of reader apps.
I am not more impressed by any one particular app than others. They all pretty much do the same thing; allow you to read books on the screen of your phone.

I read parts of Bill Bryson's "At Home" on my phone last month. I knew I could do that so I purposely left home without my NOOK once in a while so I would have to use my phone to read.

I found that I really do not enjoy reading on my phone.
It's just too small.
I also found that the lighted screen appears to be much harder on my eyes than the eInk screen of my original NOOK.

I am certainly glad that my phone can be used in that capacity.
I won't be switching to my phone for reading though. I'll only use it when it becomes necessary to do so.

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  1. Good to know! I am campaigning for an iPhone. This will be a difficult campaign, since we know those medical bills are coming. But, at present, I HATE the cheapy cheap phone I have. HATE it.

    We shall see.

  2. I'm wanting an iphone for Christmas, but definitely not to read books. I have the app on my itouch and hate it. I'll take my Kindle over the phone any day.

  3. My son got an iPod shortly before I got my Nook Color. At first, I thought about just getting an iPod myself because it's so cool, but after playing with his some I realized that the screen was too small for me to enjoy for regular use. Maybe we're getting old. LOL.


  4. If you switched to a new phone because your second phone in 15 months was ready to die then you should enjoy your I phone dieing every 3 hours. Good choice. I hate apple and smart phones in general. Guess what my phone does. It makes calls. You need one of those big over the shoulder battery packs like dad used to have for his first "mobile phone". TheAlan


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