01 May 2011

There's A Slight Chance I Might Be Going To Hell by Laurie Notaro

This book was Laurie Notaro's first attempt at fiction.

There's a (Slight) Chance I Might Be Going to Hell: A Novel of Sewer Pipes, Pageant Queens, and Big Trouble
Charlie and Maye are moving from Arizona to Washington because Charlie has taken a professorship with a better college. Leaving behind her friends proves to be very hard.

The only harder thing will be making new ones.

Along the way Maye will encounter:
Chirping that is not made by crickets, the threat of a possible face-eating raccoon, the nasty wife of a charming and sweet university English department dean, hostile vegetarians, a crackpot reporter with a giggle inducing name, a policeman-plumber with a dangerous donut habit, a bookseller who can't hold her wine, a dog breeder with baggage, a trio of very odd wanna-be-witches, and an age-old local mystery to solve.

At 317 pages the book is a little long for a simple work of fiction. That said, Laurie manages the length quite well. The book moves from point to point and minor plotline to minor plotline while causing the reader to want to move right along with it. This is just the sort of book that I generally think of as a good beach-read. I picked it up in April because I had just finished reading her only other work of fiction.

Impressively, Notaro seems to please me as a reader, both with her writing of fiction and non fiction.

* Word of Warning *
Laurie Notaro's non fiction titles are childish at best, and loaded with immature, but ADULT content. Argue that it's wrong...but she never fails to make me giggle.

My review if her other work of non fiction, Spooky Little Girl:


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