10 April 2011

A really functional site for book lovers: www.librarything.com

Have you ever thought about keeping track of the books you own, or the books you are wishing for?

Have you ever wanted to keep track of the books you read so that you can refer back to the list or use it to make better recommendations?

Here is a really functional site for book lovers:
click here> LibraryThing

It is a very easy, straightforward site to use but if you look around and have any questions I have helped people learn how to use the site in the past. 

The site is free for the recording of up to 200 book titles. As soon as I found the site I knew I would use it so I bought a lifetime membership for $20 (unlimited entries). I believe the price is still in that range. I bought a membership for one of my brothers and opened a free account for my mother-in-law as I believed it would take a while for her to reach the 200 mark. Each of our kids has their own account also. You can share an account if you use a tag to denote the owner or reader of each book.

You can connect with other friends who use the site. If you'd like my username, just let me know.

The site can be used for so many things. "Tags" may be used to mark books in multiple ways. You can tag them any way you wish. Here are some examples of tags that I use: 

Own (for books our family owns)

Library (to denote books we borrowed from the library)

ebook (to denote an electronic book as opposed to a physical book)

lent to... (to show that I have lent the book to someone)

received from... (to show to whom I should return the book after reading it)


Non Fiction

Historical Fiction

Culture-American, Culture-Britsh, etc. (to denote cultures that are exemplified in the book)


or by topic (animals, science, weather, etc.)

wish list (to track titles of books you want to buy or that people could give to you as a gift)

If you try it out let me know. 
It is probably my favorite book-related site.

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