20 April 2011

Kindle is going to begin supporting library borrowing like NOOK.

There is good news for owners of Kindle ereaders or those considering a purchase.


I am particularly intrigued by the functionality they are designing in that the bookmarks and highlights and notations that users make I'm borrowed books will be accessible by the user if the book is borrowed again or subsequently purchased. I make many notations as I read. If Ivrun out of time with a library book my NOOK loses my notations, highlights, and bookmarks. If I borrow the book again, they are no longer there; they've been lost.

I find this an intriguing advance. Amazon/Kindle is listening to the users of ereaders!


  1. So far our library doesn't offer any ebooks which is kind of strange since it is a large library system. They do offer downloadable audio books. I download them onto my mp3 player. I have a kindle2 and a nook app on my phone. So where do you borrow your NOOK ebooks?

  2. www.MyMediaMall.net is a large lender of library books and is the site our library uses, Heidi. Tey often purchase books I request if they don't already own them and I was just informed that I can make the request directly to our library as they may be able to make the purchase if MMM can't. Isn't that nice? Never hurts to ask. Check out the MMM site to see if you can borrow from there...

  3. I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Heidi, which ereader do you own? I'll do some checking too...


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