02 January 2011

Reading goals 2011...

Have you made any reading goals for 2011?

Did you have goals for 2010? Did you meet them?


  1. My goal for this year is to read at least 1 book a month outside of what I read with my kids for school.

  2. Great goal, TaMara! As our kids age the length and depth of their books also does. I am currently in the midst of 7 books with our kids and 8 for myself; that's a lot.

  3. My goal in 2010 was to read at least 5 books...thats what I could manage with studying, working (both full time and part time). I did manage to read 4 books though (Yippee!). This year I plan to do more, maybe about 2 books in a month! Let's hope it works!

  4. Having a defined goal really does help you to meet it. I could increase the amount I read by a little but not significantly I think.

    My goals currently are:

    I will try to start reading a "classic" book as soon as I finish reading one, so that I am always in the midst of a classic.

    I will read at least 2 additional Jane Austen novels this year.

    I will read as many of the ebooks that I already own or have downloaded for free to greatly reduce the amount of money I am spending purchasing books. At least part of the savings will allow my son and I to purchase ereaders that have full touch-screens and color.


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