31 July 2011

Jane Austen Reading Challenge

PhotobucketAre you reading Jane Austen titles this year or reading Jane Austen-related titles?

Have you joined the Jane Austen Reading Challenge?

I read Pride and Prejudice in February of 2010. Living in England convinced me I'd probably love her writing; and I do!

I have read one Jane Austen title this year; I finished reading Emma in March 2011.

I hope to begin reading Sense and Sensibility soon.

Have you read any of Jane Austen's books? Do you have plans to?


  1. I signed up for this reading challenge. I am hoping to read more Jane Austen titles this year, and watch more related films. Of course there is a chance of winning a prize too! Want to join me?

    I have already read Pride and Prejudice. Titles I might/hope to read this year are:
    Sense and Sensibility
    Mansfield Park
    Northanger Abbey

  2. I'm glad you signed up for the challenge, Ang! I haven't read much of Jane Austen either, so I'm looking forward to it!

  3. Wow, I'd have figured everyone but me had read lots of "Jane". Glad I will have company. Do you know where you are going to start, Kara?

    I read P&P last year. I began Emma while still living in England and with some skimming I can probably catch myself up in the story again. It was my "in-car" book there and it was NOT a good selection for just picking up once in a while; just too much going on! Now that I have the books on my NOOK I should be better able to keep reading one once I begin again with one of her titles.

  4. The Book Challenge icon doesn't take you to the challenge so here it is:


    By the way, in March I finished reading "Emma".


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