11 November 2010

What is on your Christmas list?

If you are reading this you are probably someone who is in charge of buying Christmas gifts.
I am doing pretty well, myself, with regard to this task. I don't like to get stressed about it
so I try to put some planning into it and approach it with thoughtfulness.

Often those of us who purchase gifts for others neglect to consider our own wants. We take
a back seat,but that just makes it difficult for those who want to buy us gifts. I am going to
challenge you to make their task easier by giving some thought to your own wishes as you
prepare for Christmas this year.

Now, since I like to keep this site pertaining to the love of reading, what I am asking you
to do is to post some of your book-related wants here for us to see. I love to hear about
what others are reading or hoping to read. Try to inspire us; point us in the direction of
something of which we were previously unaware.


I think the the top of my list is occupied by this little gem:
I love the feel of the cover; for that, alone, it is a very popular choice. The cover is graced with this quote, front to back: “A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.” It's not as girlie as I'd like, to give me a very different cover from the one  I have but the price is certainly appealing at only $29.95.

If I felt I could be extravagant in my wish I would choose this one probably:
I like the inside even more as it could actually become my wallet. The only drawback I see is that while it is attractive the cover does not begin to compare in softness to the TupperQuote cover above. Price- $125. Still, I think they could charge more if it were as soft as the Tupper as it would combine great functionality with true fashionable appeal for a woman.

I already own this one:
I still like it. I am just ready for some variety. I chose this cover because it is a bit mysterious, with the large question mark on one side and the ampersand on the other. I also thought I liked the canvas inner cover. I have only had my NOOK for about 3months and already the inside is becoming dingy; the outside too, along the white areas. I just took a moment to try to give it a good cleaning. It does look better but the inside didn't improve a lot. These days I tend to be drawn to more feminine choices so I was a bit surprised that this is what I chose.

Books I hope to purchase with B&N gift cards are:
Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Mr. Monk and The Dirty Cop

The Quiche of Death by MC Beaton
The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

One Day by David Nicholls
The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

(I am sure there will be more added and perhaps some deleted by the time Christmas actually arrives!)

I can't wait to see what your replies are...


  1. I'd like to clarify something here:
    A friend read this post and was, initially, confused. His first thought was "Wait, the spirit of Christmas is not to buy yourself things." Then he reread this post and realized that was not my intent.

    I agree with him. And yet some people do end up buying themselves things; some even because they wouldn't get anything otherwise.

    My post was meant in the spirit of not further complicating the lives of others since we hope to receive lists from the...m so that we can make informed decisions about our purchases. In that sense, we owe them no less than to offer up ideas for gifts that we would be happy to receive.

    I am not a fan of expected or coerced gifting either. I like gifting that comes from the heart, whether I am the one doing the purchasing or the one doing the receiving. Christmas has become very materialistic, especially in America. That, however, does not mean there is any inherent evil in the practice of giving or receiving gifts. Entitlement is the problem. The true, loving, thoughtfulness behind a gift is a good thing; a thing to be treasured.

  2. And, really, my point was more about allowing readers of my site to garner ideas from one another, for themselves as well as for others. I love to hear what people are hoping to read. I love to hear where they've gotten the idea to read a particular title too.

  3. I just made some Christmas purchases; some things for which I have already seen a rise in price and which I believe will onlky continue to go up in price due to limited availability.

    While shopping I found this one on sale for a very tempting price of only $80:

    I placed it into my cart and then took it out. I still just couldn't bring myself to buy it for myself. It is certainly going to remain on my list though, especially with the hope that it can be found for that price.

    It is awesome that this order included a really nice hardcover trilogy boxed set of books for less than $30! I'm so excited!


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