23 October 2010

What does a book fanatic want for her birthday?

Yes, I asked for and received a gift card for Barnes and Noble, among other wonderful gifts. I am very blessed by my famiy and friends and had a great birthday yesterday.

I received a $50 gift card to use at B&N. This morning I applied it to my account there so that I may use it to purchase ebooks for my NOOK.

So, what titles have I chosen?

Psych: A Fatal Frame of Mind by William Rabkin - What can I say? It's quick and easy fun. The kids and I LOVE the television show. We like to watch it together on dvd. I am finding that as we move into the long winter months here near Chicago that I am longing for the shows the kids and I have watched together the past few seasons: LOST, Monk, and Psych, among others. When I saw that this title was available I had to grab it right away. Also, I have to note that I feel the books in this series follow the characterizations more truly than I thought the Monk book series did.

Coraline by Neil Gaiman - Juvenile fiction; gotta love it, right? Well, I do. This is a book that I purchased for our daughter Marlo last fall or possibly the fall before. I have decided that I want to read the book so that I can watch the film with Marlo.

The Magicians and Mrs Quent by Galen Beckett - I have seen quite a few recommendations for this book among my fellow homeschool moms. I downloaded the free portion of it from B&N and am hooked enough that I believe I want to read the whole book. I can't wait to see how it progresses.

Love and Other Near Death Experiences by Mil Millington - I requested this book through http://www.paperbackswap.com/. The book became available and I ordered it. I couldn't recall what happy event was responsible for my having placed it on my wish list. After reading a couple pages of the book I texted my brother about it, telling him I couldn't wait to read the whole book and couldn't wait to loan it to him. That's when he told me he read it a couple months ago. So, that's how I found out about the book I guess! The book has one of the best first lines I've ever read. I've only read about 10-20 pages of it. As soon as I realized how much I was going to enjoy the book I downloaded the free portion to my NOOK. And now I've bought the entire book. I am excited that I will begin reading it very soon and am certain to post about it here! I am also certain to read some of his other titles.

I still have about $18 left on my gift card.
Any suggestions for me?

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