06 October 2010

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Our nanny in England had read all of Agatha Christie's books. She loved them. I, however, had never read any. I learned that Ms. Chrisite's books have been read more than any other aside from the Bible and Shakespeare. I decided it was time to change the fact that I'd never read any of her books.

Murder on the Orient Express. The title made is sound interesting to me. We did a lot of travel in Europe. We never had the chance to travel overnight by train although we did travel by ferry and hhad berths on the ferries. I was certain I could visualize the book well enough to enjoy reading it.

Poirot is the thinking man's man. He thinks outside the box. My kids and I enjoy watching Monk and Psych. The mysteries on those shows tend to be solved in such a way that they are not easily unraveled by jus anyone; of course, if they could be, they wouldn't be very mysterious, would they?

There were certainly a large numbers of characters integral to this story. Ms. Christie did a good job of helping the reader distinguish each character though. She also managed to keep the story moving pretty well. She drew me in.

I liked the fact that the murder was solved by wit alone. The train was stranded in a snowdrift, set many years ago. There was no way to communicate with the outside world.


  1. It would be very different today, wouldn't it. With google and a cell phone Poirot would have figured it out in a fraction of the time.

    Another good Christie is Death on the Nile.

    You could also read them in chronological order, by detective.

  2. Yes, Nota, there are so many things that would be so very different today. I often think about how things have so greatly changed even in the last 100 years, or since the Industrial Revolution. But recently I've been thinking how remarkably things have changed since we were growing up! Hubs and I had to (gasp) write letters to each other or I had to face my mother in relation to the amount of time I spent calling him "long distance". Today most of our children (3 out of 5) have their own cell phones and unlimited calling and texting within the US! My, is it different today!


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